How to Maintain Your Health as a Busy Professional

  1. How to Maintain Your Health as a Busy Professional
    The hustle and bustle of the professional life can be quite demanding and easily take a toll on your health. While maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t simple as one, two, three, following these three tips is a great way to help you get on track.

The Master Plan

The best way to make healthy choices is to plan your meals ahead of time. For busy professionals, however, time is a precious commodity. If you’re often pulled away for lunch meetings, check the restaurant’s website so that “you know before you go”. Make healthy choices by examining the nutrition information for the meal of your choice. When in doubt, begin with a house salad, preferably made with spinach or mixed greens, along with light dressing on the side. Skip the cheese, bacon bits, and bread, instead add fresh fruit like strawberries or mandarin oranges.

All Snacks on Deck

Forget the vending machine on the third floor. Instead go for high protein, high fiber snacks like nuts, Greek yogurt, apples, or veggies with low fat dip. These choices keep you focused, full, and energized throughout the day and there’s no prep time. When it comes to beverages, BEWARE of hidden calories! Sipping on your daily sweet tea or latte could lead to unwanted weight gain. Increase your water intake by carrying a water bottle or placing a pitcher of H2O on your desk. Be sure to bring healthy snacks along when you are traveling for work. Whole fruit and fiber bars pack well and curb the munchies while away from home.

Fitness Quickies

You may not have time to do a full workout at the office, but you can fit in small bursts of activity throughout the day. Did you know that three 10-minute workouts are as beneficial as one 30-minute workout? Make Fitness Quickies a part of your daily routine. Consider having a walking meeting with co-workers. Many office areas have scenic trails in close proximity. Close your office door and use to do a free workout like Kendall Hogan’s Explosive Cardio or the 10-minute slim down. One of the greatest facilitators for being physically active is being prepared. Pack a workout bag with tennis shoes and socks each day. To freshen up after your workout also pack baby wipes and toiletries. You never know when you might have a chance to fit in a quickie!

Remember you can only be an asset to yourself and your business if you are taking care of yourself. Use these three tips along with regular check ups with your doctor to live a healthy and professional lifestyle on the go. –dr. caree

Caree J. Jackson earned a Ph.D. in nutrition from the University of Georgia. She is a registered and licensed dietitian. Visit for more healthy lifestyle tips.

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