Marcus Noel Launches Heart of Man Clothing Line

Marcus Noel Launches Heart of Man Clothing Line

Launching a clothing line designed to uplift the youth generation is indeed a lofty goal, but that dapper gentleman, Fonzworth Bentley, flew to Chicago to participate, so the project must have wings.

Marcus Noel had to put in work to get to this point, and he says future designers should prepare to get on the grind as well.

“Never quit,” Noel advises.

Revolutionize with your designs, Noel says, never settle for mere window dressing. “Clothing is one of the things that we all have on right now, but, at the same time, ask yourself, what is the true value of your clothing, what is it really doing outside of making you look good for one day?”

He continues, “I’m inspired by people, legacy, and making a difference. I’m here to be relevant and to do something to affect culture.”

And therein lies the heart of this man.

For more info on the Heart of Man clothing line, visit;
Marcus Noel is on Twitter: @LoveHeartofMan.

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