Marcus Noel Launches Heart of Man Clothing Line

Marcus Noel Launches Heart of Man Clothing Line

Noel adds, “With Heart of Man, I’m adding true value to what you’re wearing. Taking clothing and getting it in three tiers, clothing can stimulate an economy; bring jobs to people; and, essentially what I’m doing, helping to assist with the eradication of youth poverty and closing the achievement gap.”

The Heart of Man designs are not to be worn, but experienced, Noel states.

The designer wants consumers to appreciate the quality and “the time put into it, and the thought behind it. I want people to understand the message, the thought leadership behind it; I want to revolutionize the way the world views clothing.”

Noel discovered his penchant for fashion at an early age. “It kind of just happened. When I was younger, in middle school, I began to cut denim jackets and jeans and put fabric, paint, tie-dye and stone wash together, just for me.  I kind of pushed it aside, and years later, I’m back doing it again. It’s kind of weird how it happened, it was a natural push.”

He prefers the workmanship of timeless, elegant pieces, Great Gatsby faves such as silk ascots, round glasses, two-toned shoes and Sacque suits. Now roll out the 1920s-era Letterman sweaters (made popular by athletes), just add a beautiful “H,” color, and a new-school sensibility, and you’ve got the Heart of Man fashion line; classic, contemporary and stunning. “Ralph Lauren is my favorite designer,” Noel beams. “Those classic pieces, but making them modern, and adding color and a little flair to it, that’s how I define my style.”

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