Herman Cain caused seismic rumblings in the world of politics in 2011 for two main reasons: first with a refreshingly dynamic Republican campaign that had veterans and pundits scurrying like worker ants to keep up; and secondly, when his magic carpet ride crashed and burned in late fall while en route to the GOP nomination. The man who would be king was set aflame by image-tattering accusations of rampant infidelity caused by a libido on the loose.
While he was the year’s biggest story, Cain certainly was not the only one. 2011 saw Obama end the war in Iraq and bring most of the troops home, all while his approval ratings plunged to subterranean levels. His armor was constantly pelted by incessant criticisms laced with racial overtones along with the nonstop bickering from tag-team partners, Tavis Smiley and Cornel West. Even Maxine Waters took a few shots at the president concerning mushrooming unemployment in the black community.
Couple all this news with a congressman named Weiner getting caught showing his, well, weiner to women. And the GOP race to displace Obama in the Oval Office got comical as Republicans were elbowing each other for camera time like B-ballers jostling for a rebound and tripping over their own tongues in the process. 2011 was certainly not a boring year for politics.