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Russell Simmons, Wyclef Jean to Join Occupy the Dream

Famed activists Russell Simmons, left, and Wyclef Jean, with Usher at a benefit gala. Simmons and Jean support the Occupy the Federal Reserve movement

Music impresario Russell Simmons, singer Wyclef Jean and actor Russell Brand all announced they will join the Occupy the Dream movement for economic justice Jan. 16, Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, for “Occupy the Federal Reserve” demonstrations at Federal Reserve banks nationwide.

“I wholeheartedly support Occupy the Dream’s goal to reverse the growing problem of income inequality in our country,” Simmons told the media. “One of the factors that contributes to that inequality is the influence of money on our political system, and that’s why I support a constitutional amendment to keep the moneyed interests from controlling that system. I look forward to people joining us at Federal Reserve Banks on Jan. 16 to carry the vision of economic justice forward.”

Occupy the Dream was born when members of the African American community aligned with the already established Occupy Wall Street movement to commence a new campaign for economic justice in the spirit of Dr. King.

Occupy the Dream is asking citizens join them in a National Day of Action on MLK Day when it will “Occupy the Federal Reserve” in multiple cities nationwide, focusing attention on the egregious financial injustice perpetrated by the financial elite.

Simmons and Jean will participate at “Occupy the Fed” events in New York City; Brand will appear at the Federal Reserve Bank branch in Los Angeles.

For more information about the events, and to participate, log on to

terry shropshire