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  • Eervin44

    I wonder if Serena will be knocking on doors sharing her faith:) That’s what Jehovah’s Witness do:)

  • TruthPredator

    She sure doesn’t act like someone of a sincere, religious persuasion.

  • Pianki

    Well every great person has some weakness. Wasn’t the Jacksons Jehovah Witness too. I want a black woman who knows her black African History or is at less willing to learn. One that realize that men created gods even the ones we have today. I want a woman who is knowing of the Shetaut Neter which is the basis of all religions. Having said all that, I guess I want be marrying Serena.

  • banana

    If Serena wants to find a man who shares her faith she needs to be active in her faith or no faithful brother would be interested in marrying her. Jehovah God doesn’t care about tennis – he cares about his name people sharing Bible truth with others. All witnesses should be “seeking FIRST the Kingdom and his righteousness” and if she chooses to do this she will be more likely to find a faithful Christian brother who would be willing to marry her.