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Get That Beach Body Now: 10 Exercises to Tone Your Abs

Bikini season is approaching fast. The only thing more exciting than being able to wear that yellow polkadot bikini to the beach, is looking good in it. Fellas, I know you don’t want your gut hanging over the front of your trunks either.

Let me tell you something, now is the time to take action. With five weeks left until summer, you have just enough time to completely transform your abs to the sexy, sleek six pack you’ve always wanted.

I’ve been training for years and have been working out even longer. I’ve done millions of sit-ups, crunches and leg raises in multiple variations. Over that time I’ve managed to put together the top 10 ab workouts that stand above the rest.

Hanging Leg Raises (4 sets 25 reps)

Lying Leg Raises (4 sets 25 reps)

Oblique Crunches (4 sets 20 reps)

Exercise Ball Crunches (4 sets 25 reps)

Bicycles (4 sets 40 reps)

Dumbbell Twists (4 sets 20 reps)

Medicine Ball Throws (4 sets 25 reps)

Wood Choppers (4 sets 15 reps each side)

Cable Crunches (4 sets 40 reps)

Plank (4 sets 1 min)

Pick your four favorites and get to work! Whichever four you choose, perform the routine twice a week. Be sure to keep it interesting and switch things up if you start to get bored. With a healthy diet, you’ll be beach ready in no time.

Remember, fit is sexy!