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National Conference of Black Mayors in ATL; Pressing Issues Addressed

The National Conference of Black Mayors (NCBM) is hosting its 38th annual convention the week of May 30 – June 3, 2102 in the Capital of the South, Atlanta, and will feature a multiplicity of domestic and international dignitaries focusing on a myriad of vexing issues besetting the nation’s cities. In addition to Valerie B. Jarrett, senior advisor to President Barack Obama; Ambassador Andrew Young, who is also the former mayor of the host city; Congressman John Conyers of Detroit, John Hope Bryant of OperationHOPE; Reta Jo Lewis, the Special Representative for Global Intergovernmental Affairs; President Macky Sall of The Republic of Senegal; Vice President Angelino Garzon from The Republic of Colombia, Portia Simpson-Miller, the Prime Minister of Jamaica; and Ambassador Neil Parsan from Trinidad & Tobago.

The issues that the NCBM are going to be addressed include:

1. Job creation

2. Housing;

3. Health,

4. Sustainability;

5. Green technology;

6. International trade, and;

7. Broadband and more.

The National Conference of Mayors will facilitate provocative and relevant workshops, panel discussions, and addresses by some of the top political leaders to derive viable solutions from the aforementioned issues.

Atlanta Mayor and NCBM member Kasim Reed, who is also acting as the host, says: “As leaders of large urban cities and rural areas, mayors play a vital role in ensuring the future economic growth and safety of our nation as we address challenges at home and increasing global competition from emerging economies,” Reed said. “Crumbling transportation infrastructure, joblessness and failing public schools are issues that mayors tackle on a daily basis. The National Conference of Black Mayors gives urban and rural leaders an important forum to share ideas about potential solutions to the pressing issues that face our communities and nation at large, and this year’s theme, “Mayors Agents for  Change: Thinking Global, Acting Local,” could not be more important or timely.”

“NCBM’s Annual Convention provides the opportunity for urban and rural mayors to collaborate with local leaders, high level officials and public and private partners to address the issues mayors face daily,” said Robert L. Bowser, National Conference of Black Mayors President and Mayor of East Orange, NJ. “Atlanta’s history as the cradle of Civil Rights and its evolvement into a 21st Century megalopolis known as an economic and political powerhouse guided by Mayor Kasim Reed, leads us in selecting this culturally diverse city as the location for the Convention. With 2012 being such an important year, Atlanta will prove to be the ideal location for the convention as we connect with key policy makers on the topics of the economy, job creation, healthcare and foreign policy. This convention is the perfect time and place for our organization to unite in showing our girth and legacy through a united voice as we work towards improving municipal development for our communities nationwide.”

Currently, National Conference of Black Mayors members lead more than 48 million constituents throughout the nation and more than 250 mayors are expected to attend the convention in Atlanta, with a large assembly of international delegations from Africa, South America, Europe and the Caribbean, along with special appearances from key international leaders.

terry shropshire