Tiger Woods to Swizz Beatz: Cheaters and Broken Down Mistresses

Tiger to Swizz Beatz: Cheaters and Broken Down Mistresses

Broken down mistresses are scrambling to hold on to those 15 minutes of fame and fortune, long after their celebrity lovers have moved on. Some of these ladies are making the transition from fame quite successfully; others, not so much.

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10 Mistresses: Alexis Houston, with lawyer Gloria Allred, called a press conference to deny that she had sex with Matt Lauer.

Name:                                Alexis Houston

Non-Mistress to: Matt Lauer

Ooops:  Alexis Houston called a news conference to proclaim that she did not have sex with Matt Lauer. Soon afterwards, the media reported that Alexis was born a man named Wellington. Whitney Houston sued Alexis Houston (then known as Stuart) in 1996 because Wellington allegedly used the fake kinship to defraud people and open credit cards.  Matt Lauer denied cheating on his wife.

Update: Alexis Houston has released a new album on iTunes. www.alexishouston.com, sounds good.

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