Rihanna Plays Leading Lady in Coldplay’s ‘Princess of China’

Rihanna Plays Leading Lady in Coldplay's 'Princess of China'

Chris Martin and Rihanna play warring lovers in Coldplay’s new video for the ‘Princess of China’

The two stars go head-to-head in more ways than one in the music video for Coldplay‘s single for “Princess of China.” Chris Martin and Rihanna show off some martial arts skills as they battle in a CGI-created Chinese palace. Singer Chris Martin and pop sensation Rihanna fly through the air at one point, before dueling  with swords. The computer-generated action pays homage to martial arts films like Hero and House of the Flying Daggers. In an intimate moment, the pair, who play confused lovers in a complicated story, kneel on the ground, their heads pressed together. Rihanna has her hair combed straight back and appears in a flowing white robe. Martin sports ninja gear and a katana for most of the video, however Rihanna gets to wear several changes of clothing. In a series of scenes, Rihanna moves from being a Hindu goddess to a Chinese princess to the Indian goddess Kali. Interestingly, even though the single is a Coldplay hit from their latest CD, none of the other band members appear in the video.

Take a look at pictures of Rihanna and Chris Martin in ‘Princess of China’ and the official video!

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