George Zimmerman Re-Enacts Trayvon Martin Shooting

George Zimmerman Re-Enacts Trayvon Martin Shooting

Zimmerman Reenacts Martin Shooting 

More evidence is being released in the George Zimmerman trial, this time from the team defending the self proclaimed neighborhood watchman. On Thursday, June 21, Zimmerman’s attorneys released an on-camera interview of the now incarcerated defendant that he conducted with two investigators the day after the Trayvon Martin shooting. In it, Zimmerman is seen bandaged and with a seemingly swollen nose detailing how an altercation between himself and the teen took a deadly turn. “He took my head and slammed it against the concrete several times, and each time I thought my head was going to explode and I thought I was going to lose consciousness,”Zimmerman told authorities. “I started screaming for help,” but Martin pressed his hands over Zimmerman’s mouth and nose, he said. “He told me to shut the f— up, and I was suffocating.”

The new material which was released on the Zimmerman defense team’s website, also shows him detailing the last few moments of Martin’s life. “I shot him, and I didn’t think I hit him because he sat up and said, ‘Oh you got me. You got me, you got it,'” said Zimmerman.

The video also shows that Zimmerman was adamant that he was acting in self defense from the start. After being told by a 911 dispatcher not to follow Martin, he says he returned to his car before the teen called to him and then attacked him.”I was walking back. I didn’t see anything again, came back to my truck and when I got to right about here, he yelled from behind to me,” said Zimmerman. “He said, ‘Yo, you got a problem?’ and I turned around and said no I don’t have a problem,” said Zimmerman. “I went to grab my cell phone, but I left it in a different pocket. I looked down at my pants pocket, he said, ‘You got a problem now’ and then he was here and he punched me in the face.”

The video was said to be used for a voice stress test that Zimmerman has since passed. Watch the newly released evidence below, does it change your opinion of what happened that February night? -danielle canada

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