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Are You a Part of the Jay-Z, Kanye West and Nicki Minaj Future?

The future has one constant idea — that all humans must address change. The season of humanity is brought up against the reality that change is a must, and permission is neither asked nor granted for it to take effect. So modify your interaction with negatives so as to emit positive results.

It has become increasingly difficult for a hip-hop generation to understand the absence of abundance. Jay-Z for example, has gone from drug dealer to rapper to lifestyle salesman. Kanye West has moved beyond producer and rapper to capitalize on the mind-set of urban consumers. Nicki Minaj has lipstick by MAC and her songs-Psalms suggest we purchase additional items in order to be OK.
Artists’ aspirations are mired in consumer consumption, but citizens of urban communities and cities do not anticipate any remuneration from the corporate beneficiaries for their need for celebrity products.

The hip-hop generation has lowered their expectations for themselves in the area of education and homeownership, but increased the weight they place on consumer goods.  Industries are projecting sales for products and services from cars to tattoos, which suggests that cool can be mimicked and bought, if you copy a Chris Brown tattoo and assume the attitude of 50 Cent. Brands are focused on perpetuating stereotypical images of African Americans that drive audiences to television shows which generate revenue for these multinationals.

Where is the alarm over the future of African American men, when the depictions in film and on screen showcase such negative images and predict such bleak futures. Trayvon Martin is an example of a typical reaction to the stereotypical image of young African American males of the hip-hop generation. Unfortunately, Martin is an example of this deadly trend. From his Facebook page to the coroner’s report, he was labeled a radical. The N-word was present in his description of himself on Facebook, lessening  the regard for him and his life. And his consumption of an illegal substance suggests that he participated with drug dealers. All of these facts will be presented to reduce the consequences of his murder. They  will reduce the punishment given to his murderer.

Our future is very much like that of Jay-Z. He must do his best to stay relevant and important to commercial success. He must now refrain from any negative or illicit ibehavior. He is also handsomely rewarded for the increased consumption of products and services by the urban community. And he is also a spokesperson for brands that hope our commerce will follow his rhyme.

Corporations hope and are financing his future based on the consumption habits and patterns of the urban community. The world is being influenced by his passion to change his future and his identification with commercial enterprise through increased consumption of products and services. The African American future requires that all our choices be with a Jay-Z like rationale, and that we learn from Trayvon Martin the true sentiment of this society toward young brothers who depict themselves negatively and have a negative effect on the consumption of commercial goods and services.

Munson Steed


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  1. Criticalanalysis on July 11, 2012 at 6:39 pm

    NIGGA WHAT? You are basically saying be a good negro and follow Jay-Z. Thats your message??