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Laz Alonso and Marvin Sapp at Verizon’s Celebrate Your Story Brunch in New Orleans

Roland Martin, Leah Chase, Pastor Marvin Sapp and Laz Alonso.

Laz Alonso spoke of his faith. ”It was through this program and the interview process that took place that I realized, even pre-BET, and up until now, the story that I have to tell is belief in God first and belief in that gift that I’ve been given to constantly press on in spite of adversity and I feel very comfortable now through this program to tell that story.”

With refreshing candor, Alonso also revealed what was going on behind the scenes when he left “The Breakout Kings.”

“I found that my story involves where God may shut one door, He’ll open another. Everyone keeps asking, ‘What happened to “Breakout Kings”?’ And, ‘Why are you not on the show this season?’ And I explained that it wasn’t my choice. Sometimes you get that script that says you get shot in the back, and you get shot in the back.”

Laz Alonso continued, “Bishop TD Jakes asked me what happened as a result of that, and I said, thank God that I got another show that starts on NBC this spring in January, called “Infamous,” and the show that I was previously on got cancelled anyway. And he said, ‘That was God that shot you in the back.’”

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