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Thug Love: Why Do Girls Date Thugs?

Why do girls date thugs? Shown: The Game.

Why do girls date thugs?

In multiple conversations with male and females about the topic the most consistent response was: “A girl wants a guy with confidence. The ‘thug’ or the ‘tough’ guy is always more confidant.”

Is being the “nice guy” and allowing a woman to feel good about herself, really the last-resort guy? As crazy as it sounds, some women prefer a jerk!

I recently sent a mass text to a group of about 10 girlfriends asking for responses on why a girl would date a thug, amazingly the responses were “ they’re risky, courageous, aggressive, they’re like the forbidden fruit, saying you shouldn’t have makes it more interesting.”

Women are intrigued with the chase and the thrill of believing they can change any man to be perfect for her.

Women everywhere are putting all their eggs in one basket in hopes to see a change in their own “thug.”

Ladies being headstrong, aggressive and disrespectful should never be considered “swag” instead, these qualities are more along the lines of “red flag here comes a loser” and you should run, and run fast!

For some reason when a man tells a woman he doesn’t want to commit, he doesn’t want a wife, and he’s going to have relations with multiple women, women choose to disbelieve what the man is blatantly expressing.

It all boils down to women believing they can change a man.


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  1. Jazz on July 16, 2012 at 11:03 am

    And then when they grow up and want to act like they have some sense they find out that the good men are taken because they weren’t “edgy” enough or enough of a “bad boy”.