Stevie J and Joseline Are Engaged; Photo Gallery of Their Best Moments

Stevie J and Joseline Are Engaged; Photo Gallery of Their Best Moments

In what has to be the hook-up of the year in urban America, rolling out has learned that Stevie J and his protegée are getting married.

While you’re picking your jaw up off the floor, we’ll repeat the statement: Stevie J just put a phat rock on Joseline Hernandez’s ring finger, according to The scoop on the set of “Love & Hip Hop” snitched and said Stevie J spoke with producers to relay the fact that he’s going to reign in Joseline’s “ratched-ness” by hitching up with the woman. Stevie J was also savvy enough to ensure that the producers of “Love & Hop Hop” filmed him proposing to Joseline.

The proceeding was described as “moving” and “touching”, which are interesting terms, considering the buffoonery that shoots out from the TV screen in gushes when the show is on.

So now that you’ve took a big swallow of this breaking information, how do you feel about Stevie J and Joseline’s alleged engagement?

And, how do you feel about Mimi being burnt like that? She’s the one who birthed a child for Stevie J after a long relationship and Stevie J didn’t even as much buy her a piece of bubblegum for her troubles.

Looks like the drama and intrigue are getting ratcheted up (there’s that word again) in the upcoming episodes. Stay tuned … In the meantime, here is a photo gallery of the best photos of the soon-to-be-married Stevie J and protege Joseline Hernandez.

–terry shropshire

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