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Mimi of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Punches Stevie J

Mimi Faust Lashes Out at Stevie J on Camera 

Has Mimi Faust had enough of being made a fool of on camera? It certainly seems that way now that paparazzi caught the mother of one lashing out at her baby’s father. Mimi, who stood idly by on an episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” while her “beau” Stevie J was assaulted, decided that yet another “love tap” was in order for J after he joked about their relationship.

TMZ recently spotted the couple in Hollywood making press runs for their reality show and asked Stevie a simple question, “Who do you think would win? A basketball wife or a rapper wife?” Obviously amused by the question, a smiling Stevie answered “Mimi and Joseline,” without missing a beat.  He was then rewarded by a swift punch to the chest at the hands of Faust. “I heard that s—!”, the exasperated starlet said with a scowl.  She then grabbed his cigarette and walked away before taking an exaggerated puff.

Apparently undeterred by being struck, Stevie simply smiled for the cameras and remarked, “This is the life I live.”

How cute.

Just hours before Mimi laid the “hands of God” upon him, Stevie was spotted out with Joseline Hernandez, who, is, no doubt, his woman of choice. The pair appeared at Atlanta’s Mansion Elan and attended press events in L.A. looking very much like a couple.

Poor Mimi.

Check out Mimi laying in to Stevie J below. Was that blow to the chest well deserved?–danielle canada