Gucci Mane Disses Rasheeda; Hurls Shocking Accusation at Her Husband

Gucci Mane Disses Rasheeda; Hurls Shocking Accusation at Her Husband

Gucci Mane Disses Kirk And Rasheeda 

An old song from an East Atlanta rapper is coming into question today after it apparently dissed two ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ cast mates. Rapper Rasheeda and her husband Kirk Frost are often revered by fans for their seemingly picture perfect relationship, but before gracing television screens they apparently had issues with Gucci Mane. In 2008 Gucci Mane released a track titled “I Shook Them Haters Off” calling out several people that he’d taken issue with. In it, he calls out a certain ‘Georgia Peach’ and a man named Kirk for being a down low homosexual. Several fans online noted that Rasheeda often refers to herself as a ‘Georgia Peach’ while Frost’s record label is called ‘D-Lo’ Records. The song also makes mention of ‘Big Cat’, the owner of Big Cat Records, whom Gucci Mane previously had beef with.

Gucci Mane Disses Rasheeda; Hurls Shocking Accusation at Her Husband

In addition to dissing the couple, the song is being used to fuel a vicious rumor online that Frost fathered a child with his daughter from a previous relationship. Early last week, a gossip blog accused him of impregnating an underaged girl believed to be his stepdaughter before marrying Rasheeda. That story has since been twisted and he’s now accused of having a baby with his biological child. Gucci’s song makes mention of a pedophile, although it appears to be calling out an unknown man named Jace.

Listen to Gucci’s diss song below.

(Verse 2)
Your the type a b—- old as hell still tryna rap,
And I’m the type a n—- young as hell an I run the trap,
Now your the type a freak say lick your Georgia PEACH,
You married to a lame and dat lame don’t wont no BEEF,
Now he the type a n—- that a old lame a– b— a want,
Aint never drank no beer, aint never rolled no Blunt
Now she the type a gurl aint got no a– on her back
No Kurt aint got no money I heard she f—– Cat [of Big Cat Records]
Now Jase the kinda guy go both ways think I don’t know
I heard he f—– Kurt in the a— on the D-Lo
Now he the kinda guy tell you, you gon make millions
But he’s a pedophile on the low he f— his children

Both Rasheeda and Kirk have since responded to the track and the potentially damning rumors. Check out what they said below. -danielle canada

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