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Women of CBS’ ‘The Talk’ Take Off the Masks


‘The Talk’ Goes Bare for a Day

For ladies who rely heavily on the transforming power of powder and other cosmetic concoctions, it takes true bravery to leave the house without makeup. With that in mind, the ladies CBS’ “The Talk” must have nerves of steel after all five of them appeared before viewers completely fresh-faced and makeup free. Sheryl Underwood, Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen and Aisha Gilbert all hosted in robes and without makeup during Monday’s program. Also makeup free? Audience members who boldly watched without cosmetic coverups.

And while some viewers sat with their mouths agape at the ladies’ dramatic transformations, many women heralded the hosts as heroes.

“I really appreciated the no makeup show. Real. Fearless. True,” wrote one fan to Sheryl Underwood online. “You’re a natural beauty!” chimed in another.

By contrast however, some people have used the opportunity to make jokes about the ladies’ looks. “Aisha Tyler looks good without makeup,” wrote a fan on Twitter. “Sara Gilbert looks like she’s been in a deep depression … for years.”

Check out close-up photos of the ladies sans makeup below. Brave move or just a big disaster? –danielle canada

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