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Celebrities Who Did Not Graduate From High School

One dropout is considered one of the greatest actors ever who came to fame during the greatest decade in cinematic history, the 1970s. Another is a two-time Academy Award-winner, and another is a practical billionaire from his ultra-successful formula of producing highly rated reality shows based on music. Despite their disparate backgrounds, they all have one thing in common: none of them graduated from high school.

No one would ever guess that these people did not walk across the stage to get their prep diplomas, although a few returned to get their GED. It’s one thing to drop out of Ivy League schools, like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did, and go on to revolutionize computers and technology, respectively. But it’s quite another to bail out when you may not have received the basic fundamentals to even get a job. Those who did, like one who is famous for playing gangsters in movies, ensured themselves of very menial, even degrading work until they made it in Hollywood or in the epicenter of American theater, New York.

With the help of and the New York Post, here is quite an extensive list of celebrities and musicians who did not graduate from high school.


1.  Jessica Simpson:

Is anyone shocked at this?!? I mean, come on. We already know that her elevator does not go up to the top floor.

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