Beyonce has represented major brands around the world, as her own brand is evolving and her reach unfurls. She’s no longer the single sexy singer or the newly wedded wife — she’s a mom, responsible for an exquisite life. The Beyonce brand has come to represent a more refined lifestyle, personal dignity and a set of principles by which mothers and daughter can abide.  She is regal, she is royal and she sets a standard to keep young women loyal.

The relationship that she has had with engrossed fans and the public for the last 20 years has been chronicled and documented in a number of ways. That “female success” is clearly identified in video and photos that suggest it’s more than just a power play. These photos that we’ve put together with she and the president are proof positive of all that is evident.

Munson Steed

Founder and publisher of rolling out's parent company Steed Media Group.

  • mimi

    AWW good article, she is indeed an amazing woman.

  • MeMe

    Very nice article. She’s not perfect but yet the eptiome of that most are striving to be… including me.

  • lafayettelove

    great pictures !!!!!!