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Top 10 Signs That You’re the ‘Old Chick at the Club’

10 Signs that You’re the Old Chick at the Club.

Let’s keep it real, the club life is hard to leave behind.

And every chick deserves a good party and a Girls’ Night Out at the club. Sometimes, however, you can set foot in the kiddies club and things will just go downhill from there. Other times, you’re partying and having a good time without realizing that, gasp! you’re out of place, and partying with your neighbor’s tweens.

And no one deserves that embarrassment.

Here, then, are 10 fail-proof tell-tale signs that you’re the oldest chick at the club, which means that a). you’re at the wrong party, or b). it’s time to be more strategic if you’re looking for love.


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