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Lil Reese Beat Up on Twitter After Beating Up Teen Girl

Lil Reese Beat Up on Twitter After Beating Up Teen Girl

Cybersphere sounded off with tweeters seething at Chicago Rapper Lil Reese who was caught on camera pummeling his teenager girlfriend in front of his friends.

Violence against women has reentered the national consciousness after a Cleveland bus driver delivering that devastating uppercut to a teenage female that was heard around the world, and also because of the rekindled romance between Chris Brown and Rihanna. Add to that the head-butting incident that destroyed the marriage, finances, NFL career and reality show of Chad Johnson and the public is understanding the ramifications of violence against women.

Lil Reese and his crew are certainly getting an ideal of it now:

Chief Keef, Lil Reese and crew should not be supported by anyone

    Of course, you had the typical witless and insensitive ramblings from anonymous sources trying to score some jokes from a non-laughing matter: 

 Take a look at some of the other responses to Lil Reese beating up his girlfriend: 

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