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Chicago Rapper Lil Reese Videotaped Beating a Woman (Video)

Lil Reese Beats Up Woman on Videotape 

Just weeks after a video of a Cleveland bus driver delivering an uppercut punch to a woman went viral, a shocking new video is making its rounds on the web. Chicago rapper Lil Reese, a close associate of controversial rapper Chief Keef, was recently caught on video violently beating and stomping a young woman. Early Wednesday, Oct. 24, a video surfaced on of the 19-year-old arguing with an unidentified young woman. Some have speculated that the girl was the mother of the teen’s child. After backing the woman into a corner Reese is seen punching her numerous times before another unidentified male jumps in. Following that, the woman falls to the floor where both men stomp on her head and shoulders as several people watch idly by.

Considering it’s extremely violent content, the video has sparked outrage and brought flack to the rapper directly. Several men and women alike have flooded Lil Reese’s twitter page leaving him with angry messages. “Coward!” wrote one Twitter user, “You deserve to get your a– beat!” added another. According to Lil Reese however, the entire thing is pretty comical and just the result of “haters.”  “The haters tryna see a mf Dwn lol. Dey gotta b broke and bored.” The rapper then implied that the video was several years old.

Reese previously made headlines when he and Chief Keef joked about the death of Lil Jojo, 16 year-old up-and-coming Chicago rapper who was gunned down while riding his bike. Jojo reportedly had beef with Lil Reese who reportedly heard yelling, “I’m gonna kill you” to the now deceased teen. Reese and Kief were reportedly investigated to see if they were connected to the teen’s murder.

Below is the very disturbing video. Fair warning, it contains graphic language and content.-danielle canada

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  1. Kizzal on October 28, 2012 at 1:05 am

    so chief keef kills men with his guns like ti look and bad ass appeal