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Fascinating Singles in Houston: You Need More Than Just Game to Talk to Them

Pamela Ellis

CEO of Smahrt Solutions, an innovative technology solutions provider. This native Texan holds an MBA, several certifications, loves to work hard and play hard.  Her firm was chosen as a finalist for the Houston Citizens Chamber of Commerce Pinnacle Awards in 2012.  She’s loyal and doesn’t cut corners when it comes to taking care of her family, close friends and team members.


She has a keen eye for fresh and exciting details when it comes to residential interior design and event decorating.

What makes a man attractive.

A socially well-rounded, spiritually grounded and financially sound man is very attractive to Pam. Intelligence and a good conversation are also on her short list.


Negative attitude and lack of ambition are complete turnoffs.

Favorite Designer/Cologne?

New York Bond #9 and Amber

Favorite Charity?

The Smahrt Girl Foundation.





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