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Fascinating Singles in Houston: You Need More Than Just Game to Talk to Them


Gregory Malonson II

He’s a modeling phenom, aspiring actor and singer. His fresh face and aesthetic appeal have put him in high demand. His father, a professional saxophone player, and his mother, a patron of the arts, instilled the dedication that has lasted into his adult life. Modeling came easy to Gregory as he ventured into print, fashion, and runway at the age of 15. Working with several top photographers in New York, Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas and Houston has enhanced his personal style and fashion sense. Gregory’s goal is to continue to be an inspiration to young people who strive to follow their dreams.


All sports; outdoor activities including mountain climbing, sky diving, etc.

What makes a woman attractive.

The way she carries herself, loves to have fun and keeps her body, mind, and health together. By the way, teeth are very important to him. She needs to be confident and have a bond with her family (unless they are crazy), loves the Lord and loves kids because he wants children eventually. She should enjoy sports and be able to hold a decent conversation because staring into each other’s eyes, could get a little boring.


Carrying extra baggage from old relationships. Always ready to fight, instead of working together and compromising. She always has to be the leader in the relationship. A holy roller. Terrible hygiene. Too much communication with all her exes, if you broke up with him then you need to move on. Someone who thinks that he is always cheating, insecurity, craziness, etc.


He’s interested in cars, loves reality shows, does yard work and loves kids.

Favorite Designer

He likes anything that makes him look good.  Cologne: As long as it doesn’t smell like Brut or something really strong that knocks a woman out when you walk by.

Favorite Charity

Any children’s charities




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