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Chef Rae Hudson shares the secrets to having an incredible holiday dinner party

Name:  Rae Hudson

Company:  Kouture Kuisine

Years Active:  2 years

What is the premise of Kouture Kuisine?

Kouture Kuisine provides meals designed with you in mind. I have been established for two years specializing in event planning and cooking for parties, graduations, showers, and much more.  My menu includes soul food, Mexican, Italian, and Asian cuisine. but I also bake with many of my grandmother’s old recipes.

How do you get inspired to create a specialty dish?

I have a special relationship with food!  Anytime I eat something that excites my taste buds, it inspires me to cook and or re-create that dish. I love to take simple things and elevate them to the next level.

With the holiday season around the corner what are some things that can be done to jazz up a seasonal favorite?

I love homemade baked macaroni and cheese.  Try adding a can of cream of mushroom soup to your baked Mac n’ Cheese and let the party begin!


What are the top five appetizers needed to make every party successful?

Everyone always loves chicken!  Chicken wings are a sure winner at any party.

Bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos can be added to a menu for a spicy treat.

Another crowd pleaser is the teriyaki meatballs with asian chiles and pineapples.

Because people love to dip, taking fresh ingredients to make a homemade salsa with chips is low in calories and very tasty.  Try adding shrimp and/or avocado for a bit of a twist. Finish with fresh lemon or lime juice.

Finally, here’s a cute way to use the “the chicken and the egg,” better known as the deviled egg.  Add canned chicken breast to your deviled egg filling.  It is absolutely tantalizing.

What advice can you give last minute cooks on prepping for Turkey Day?

The most important thing a cook has is “the to do list.”  Whether you are ahead of schedule or very last minute, your to do list is the most important part of your prep for any event or holiday to stay on track and organized to make sure that every dish is perfect.

What’s next for Kouture Kuisine?

The Kouture Kuisine food truck is coming soon and my first cookbook is on the way!!

For more information please visit:  [email protected] 281-746-0312