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A$AP Rocky calls rapper clothing lines ‘corny,’ here are 10 of the lamest

A$AP Rocky calls rapper clothing lines ‘corny,’ here are 10 of the lamest

Harlem-born rhymer A$AP Rocky has been open about his love and appreciation for fashion — but don’t expect him to launch his own line anytime soon. The rapper told HipHopWired that, not only is he not interested in pursuing a clothing line, he thinks the entire enterprise is “corny” and “disrespectful” when rappers get involved.

“I might collab with designers, but that s–t corny,” Rocky shared. “When rappers be doing that clothing line s–t, that s–t be corny, man. That’s a slow reality show.”

“Ya know how reality shows wash n—as up? I feel that clothing line s–t is just a slower reality show. That s–t corny man … I’m not no [sic] fashion designer. Just ‘cause I got good taste don’t mean that I know how to create it. I feel that’s disrespectful. It’s just like record labels and s–t. Just cause mother—kas know hip-hop doesn’t mean you know how to create it, mother—ka.”

“I know brands well, [but] I’m not a fashion designer. It’s more to fashion than just fabrics and stencils,” Rocky also said. “You gotta learn how to draw, you gotta know how colorways work and materials, it’s hard, man. Hood clothing lines, I refuse man. I refuse. I’m good on that.”

And when you check the history, for every Phat Farm and Rocawear success story, there are tons of rapper fashion lines that shouldn’t have  happened. Here are 10 of the lamest rapper clothing lines 

–stereo williams

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