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Joe Budden opens up about love triangle with Tahiry and Kaylin Garcia

When Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin left “Love & Hip Hop” last year, many assumed that the show would never be able to land another powerhouse couple to anchor the show. And though they haven’t yet found another couple to match the original, they found something just as interesting in the love triangle between Joe Budden, his girlfriend, Kaylin Garcia, and his ex-girlfriend, Tahiry. And in a recent interview, Budden opened up about his dramatic love life with the two women.

During an interview on Cleveland’s Z107.9, Budden spoke about his tumultuous friendship with Tahiry.

“It’s weird. We’re trying to learn how to co-exist with one other. I mean, that’s really just the easiest way to put it. When you’re with somebody for that long and you have that much history, things can get a little turbulent, but we’re learning. We’re doing the best we can,” Budden explained.

Though Budden claims he’s remained faithful to his Garcia, he admits that Tahiry knows him in ways that no one else does.

“I was with her for the longest, so me and her have the most history. She probably knows me better than anybody else knows me,” said Budden. “that doesn’t necessarily mean that you could be with somebody successfully.”

Budden also touches upon his broken relationship with his former friend, Raqi Thunda, whom he denies ever having been romantic with.

“People are always asking me about this love triangle between Tahiry, and my girlfriend and Raqi, and in my head I’m like, ‘triangle?’” said Budden. “It’s funny how someone who’s so out in the open with his relationship and so public with being monogamous can still come off as having a love triangle or being a pimp in some type of way. I try to keep it one hundred and it still comes off that way.”

Well, Budden may be a faithful man, but there’s no denying that he and Tahiry have a bond that just won’t die. But he’s not the only one who’s been accused of being in a love triangle. Check out some other reality show love triangles below. –nicholas robinson


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