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‘Strip Club Queens Atlanta’ reality show (photos)


The public has an insatiable appetite for “ratchet-ness,” so producers of a new television show are presenting a visual feast of such wretchedness for ravenous viewers to gorge themselves on.

“Strip Club Queens Atlanta” is the first in a developing franchise of gentlemen’s club dancers who unveil the innerworkings and behind-the-scenes operations of women who strip for a living. The show takes viewers into the dressing rooms and into their homes to show how they’re living — and some are living large. Very large.

The Atlanta version shows some of the cast getting along and some of the women purely hating each other. One of the cast mates — whose name wasn’t presented in the trailer — said, “it takes a lot to be a dancer in Atlanta. There’s the perception that dancers are prostitutes or just sexual beings.”

The women attempt to alter the perception of what goes on in the strip club in hopes of changing negative perceptions.


Drama is ratcheted up (that is the proper use of the word “ratchet”) because tensions between the one cast member against the rest of the strippers are racially intensive. The only white stripper, Kat, was heard by one of the girls calling the black strippers “animals” and “horses. Kat boldly admitted calling them such, but only in retaliation for being routinely called a “cracker.”

Kat later has the courage and audacity to purposely butcher Martin Luther King Jr.’s most famous speech when she said, “I have a dream that black girls will get the f— over it, cuz times have changed and s— is over with …”

You want ratchet-ness? This show has plenty of it for your viewing pleasure. Take a look at some of the players of this new series, which is currently being broadcast online. 

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