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Dominique Covington develops skin care line for every type

Dominique Convington

Although Black History Month has officially ended, there are hundreds young African American men and women who are changing the face of African American achievement across the United States. Dominique Covington developed her own skin care line, Skin Deep Natural Bodycare, after unsuccessful attempts to find a product that would meet her needs. Covington joins a long list of African American women entrepreneurs like Madame C.J. Walker, Maggie Lena Walker, Eunice Johnson, Oprah Winfrey, and a host of other dedicated women who are making the world a better place. –tony binns

Why and how did you develop your skin care line?
Skin Deep Natural Bodycare started because I suffered for years with eczema, sensitive and dry skin.  I was always searching for products that contained natural ingredients but were also effective in relieving my symptoms.  When I wasn’t able to find natural products to meet my needs, I decided to start making my own. I started creating body butters four years ago, word spread rapidly to others that the products felt great and were great for healthy skin growth and the line expanded into Skin Deep. Our products now include moisturizing body soufflés, cleansing creams and sugar scrubs. I wanted to create a natural product line that was chic and affordable, and promoted healthy skin restoration.

Are your products safe for the environment? 
Our products are safe for the body and the environment. Our philosophy is that, since skin is the body’s largest organ, what we put on our skin, has a direct result on health and well-being. All of our products are handmade and completely natural using plant-based ingredients.  Our products do not contain any dyes, parabens, silicones, sulfates, PEGs or preservatives.

Being an African American female entrepreneur, what has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced and overcome?
In general, I have been fortunate to have had a successful first year with the company. Sometimes people can be resistant to changing their skin care routines. However, I don’t view it as a challenge, but as an opportunity to educate people about the benefits of incorporating natural body care products as an important part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

You are looking forward to your company’s one year anniversary.  Talk about your anniversary and the product relaunch.
We are very excited to celebrate our one year anniversary on April 20, 2013.  We will be launching our new spring 2013 line, with entirely new products and packaging!

Where can we find your products?
The products are available at Essential Elements Boutique, 1640 E. 87th St., The Sarah Kuenyefu Collection, 1510 E. 63rd St., and online at