5 signs your man is cheating


I might get kicked out of the brotherhood for breaking the bro-code, but ladies, I’m sacrificing myself just for you. You could be missing obvious signs that your man is cheating because your man is pretty good with his game, but I’m going to blow the roof off of all that right now, and open your eyes to some truth.  If you pay close attention, you’ll be able to spot these hints (if they exist). Don’t go applying all of this to your man all willy nilly, and make accusations out of paranoia.  Make sure the shoe fits before you tell him to put it on and get to steppin …

Here’s your list of hints to look for:

1.  All of a sudden, with no explanation, the brother’s grooming habits take a serious turn for the better.  He used to go a lil on the rough side (looking a tad bit unkempt) but now he’s looking like Dapper Dan? Hmm. If he didn’t just get a new job or started going to church, look a lil deeper.

2.  Your man suddenly has a new favorite article of clothing – that ‘he’ just bought.  If he just popped up with a new favorite pair of pants (that he thinks he looks very good in) it could be that another chick bought them — or told him he looks very good in them.

3.  If every time he goes to hang out, suddenly nobody has a name and it’s always just random “guys” he hanging with, there might be something to look into.

4.  In the bedroom things have changed – for no apparent reason. It could be that he’s kind of lost interest and it’s over quickly or it could be that he’s putting it down like never before … both of these could be potential hints.

5.  Finally, he explains everything a bit too much.  If his story of why he was a half an hour late home took him a half an hour to explain … watch out.

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