Hotep seeks to empower with Hustle U Academy


For over 10 years, Hotep has provided insight and helped individuals to develop personally and on a professional basis. The author of five books, Hotep has traveled the world and spread his message through motivational speeches and his Hustle University Academy.

On May 4, Hoptep and Hustle U Academy will host an event at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta to empower those looking to further their brands.

He discusses his latest venture with rolling out.

 What’s the background of Hustle U Academy?

Over the years I have been able to establish myself as an expert in the field of entrepreneural development and educational consulting. I get paid big money to talk about what I know most and do what I do best. It has enabled me to retire from my first job in the face of economic downturn. Because of this, people have been taking notice of my success and have inquired how they can do the same. I attempted to provide one on one coaching services but was unable to because it required too much of my attention. So I decided to create the Hustle U Academy to address everyone’s questions all at once in an intense one day boot camp.

Why did you decide to create the one-day boot camp?

With the demand for my training and consulting services, I have very limited time to address people’s concerns on a one on one basis so I decided to address all questions and concerns at the academy and it takes 8 hours to complete this process.

Who can benefit most from this boot camp?

Anyone who is interested in monetizing their expertise and getting paid large sums of money to talk about what they know most and share what they know with the world.

How will attendees be empowered?

I will share my personal process for creating a publishing empire by teaching people how to create their product, sell their product in large quantities, and get paid $1000 per hour or more as a speaker.

What has been the feedback?

The feedback has been overwhelming that is the reason we are doing it again. Some of last year’s attendees have written their own books, started their professional speaking career and have appeared on radio and television because of their success as well.

How can individuals get involved?

They can go to and register right now!

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