Tiran Jackson motivates and inspires fathers from his life’s tragedies

Tiran Jackson is an inspirational speaker and coach that has gone through an incredible transformation and journey in his life. After surviving a traumatic accident that resulted in his wife’s death and having his left leg amputated, he had to learn how to overcome adversity following this unexpected tragedy. His journey to recovery revealed his […]

Former inmate says Sheriff Victor Hill changed his life

Victor Hill is known as the crime-fighting high sheriff of Clayton County, Georgia, a suburban community about 17 miles south of downtown Atlanta. Hill’s reputation has landed him on Twitter feeds across America, and his name has been mentioned by mainstream rap artists in their lyrics for years. But there’s a reality about this chief […]

Brandi Harvey empowering Black women with wellness brand Beyond Her

When Brandi Harvey isn’t hosting her podcast “BeyondHer” and doing Twin Talk with her sister Karli Harvey Raymond, she is dedicating her time and talents to uplifting and empowering women through her lifestyle brand. Launched in 2018, Beyond Her is an active wellness and lifestyle brand for women of color. Harvey knows the daily stresses […]

Ray Leonard Jr. carves own path to success in sports and motivational speaking

Folks may initially observe Ray Leonard Jr.’s success, his personable nature and easygoing eloquence and falsely assume he’s always had it all. After all, he was reared in wealth and is the eldest child of a man whose name is synonymous with the sport of boxing: Sugar Ray Leonard. The son made his own mark […]

K Love the Poet discusses vulnerability and authenticity of her art

K Love the Poet is a spoken word artist, motivational speaker. She made her poetry debut in 2003 in the heart of Chicago. Since 2015 she has had more than three videos to go viral. She is well known for empowering people of color with her signature poem “Million Dollar Melanin.” As poetry month comes […]

Coleen Otero created the CEO Chick Network to empower female entrepreneurs

If you are a female entrepreneur who has a startup and needs guidance or a veteran who needs support, Coleen Otero and her CEO Chick Network could be the answer you’re looking for. Otero is a celebrity beauty expert, brand strategist, motivational speaker, and life coach who decided to build the CEO Chick Network as […]

Terrie Davoll Hudson discusses leadership legacy in new book

Terrie Davoll Hudson is an author, award-winning business leader, and motivational speaker. Hudson has more than 30 years of leadership in sales and operational excellence and has spent a good portion of her life leading, coaching and mentoring others. Rolling out spoke with the author about her latest book, Leave a Legacy That Counts. What […]

Lamar Odom wants back in good with the Kardashians

Former NBA star Lamar Odom made the surprising statement that the time he spent with the Kardashians and being part of their record-breaking reality show, was the best part of his adult life — and he wants back in. In fact, the 39-year-old former Los Angeles Lakers and former Big3 participant wants to repair his […]

When William Hollis speaks, his children and generation listen

When you first meet William “King” Hollis, he greets you with a firm handshake, a beaming smile and a positive affirmation. That’s a long way from where he started in life. Hollis grew up in poverty, living with a heroin-addicted mother and a father in the Bloods street gang. He could have let that make him […]

Sterling Coleman Jr. increased his wealth using the Mr 5% More concept

Sterling Coleman Jr. is truly a serial entrepreneur who walks in his purpose on a daily and has been very instrumental to others on a national level in creating a billionaire mindset. Instagram is just one of the platforms he uses for posting a series of inspirational videos in which he speaks on how giving 5% […]

Quentin Vennie chronicles his mental illness in ‘Strong in the Broken Places’

After many years of fighting mental illness, motivational speaker and author Quentin Vennie can freely speak about his liberation. At the age of 14, Vennie was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. Now 33, Vennie was able to beat his mental disorder, drug addiction and alcoholism. In his memoir, Strong in the Broken Places,  Vennie talks […]

Meet Tanya Barnett, wife coach and triathlete

Tanya Barnett is a speaker, wife coach and author of Being a Wife Just Got Real. She founded the Real Wife Movement™ to equip women with tools for creating healthy relationships. She is a marathoner, triathlete and a book lover. She and her husband, Don, have three children.Please describe your leadership style  I like to […]

The Heart Healer, Rob Hill Sr.’s best motivational quotes on Instagram

“I believe it’s in all of us to do extraordinary things, even if we’re just ordinary people. Nothing can stop the desires of the determined. Nothing!” – Rob Hill Sr. The Heart Healer, Rob Hill Sr., is a name that might easily go under the radar but is a name you should know. He is […]

Brand strategist Deondriea Cantrice on how to embrace and own your career path

Author, social media mogul and brand strategist Deondriea Cantrice greets everyone with a smile. Rightfully so, the seasoned business professional is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt. A mother at 14, Cantrice had to put college on hold to focus on rearing her children, who are now ages 24, 20 and 17. In 2006, she […]

Monica Cost talks living authentically and without regret

Why did you write Things I Used To Do To Sneeze? I wrote the book because I work in the entertainment industry as well as in corporate America, but what I found in the entertainment industry and in our real lives is that people create these brands that are based upon societal expectations and values […]

Career coach Rhonda Hight has the right formula to give your workplace a boost

Rhonda C. Hight, RCC Owner, Let’s Talk LLC What inspires you to go work every day? The source of my inspiration has changed over the years. Initially, it was making enough money to keep the lights on. At another point, it was a fierce desire to avoid returning to corporate America; now it’s about doing […]