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Sterling Coleman Jr. increased his wealth using the Mr 5% More concept

Photo Credit @sterling314 Instagram

Sterling Coleman Jr. is truly a serial entrepreneur who walks in his purpose on a daily and has been very instrumental to others on a national level in creating a billionaire mindset. Instagram is just one of the platforms he uses for posting a series of inspirational videos in which he speaks on how giving 5% more each day could lead a person to train their mind to discover new heights and accomplishments they may have never dreamed to achieve.

Photo Credit @sterling314 Instagram

Coleman is one of the youngest co-owners of a Zaxby’s franchise, simply because he believed in this 5% more concept. This all stemmed from putting into practice his own philosophy and applying it to his daily life. He had become living proof that implementing 5% more not only worked but helped create a new mantra for people to live by.

Rolling out was able to catch up with Coleman to elaborate on his creation and the branding of Mr. 5%.

When did you first discover your Mr. 5% More mantra was a winner that would change lives?
Honestly, it wasn’t something I thought out and created. I was delivering a speech to a group of youngsters … encouraging them to try their hardest in life no matter what it is they are trying to achieve and I told them to do 5% more. It wasn’t until I asked someone to give me a video copy of the speech that I even realized that I used the phrase “5% more” and from that point on I’ve been focusing on building this 5% More as a brand.

When did you realize you had the power to really motivate and inspire others?
I realized that one day I was at the gym and we had arrived early, before the trainer had got there. There were these two young ladies sitting down and I was like, “Hey, let’s just get started.” They were apprehensive, so I just started working out and before you know it, they jumped on the bandwagon. I was in coaching mode to the point where I was coaching these ladies. At first, they weren’t motivated but once I got them started, they didn’t ever realize we were way past the warm up. One of them asked me, “Are you a motivational speaker or something?” They were complaining about not being able to do five laps. We were talking so much while we were jogging that we ended up doing like 12 laps. The ladies were so amazed at their progress and I was amazed as well [by] how I captured their attention enough to complete a goal they had no intention of accomplishing.

You mentioned earlier that your personal motivation was because of your own struggles as a child with battling being overweight. Expand on how that motivated you to finish what you start.
I was always a chubby kid. The real trigger for me was my cousin used to always call me “titty boy” and I absolutely hated that. I was so embarrassed I would buy these big shirts. I still am very insecure about my weight. As a kid I was taught to be insecure. It seems I’ve been working on this all my life. I’ve had over five surgeries in an attempt to loose weight. Dealing with depression, I’m now to the point of working out everyday, watching what I eat; I’ve just been working on my health because in my mind I’m afraid I’m like I never want to be called “titty boy” ever again. So giving 5% more is a practice I implemented into my life for years. I give 5% more by starting projects and finishing them. I did a meal website. Now I’m doing meals to help you with healthy choices, I’ve completed that. Now I’m working on an app. I’ve been practicing for whatever’s next in my life for quite some time now. Everything I’ve been doing all these years I’m now realizing  I’ve been practicing for the next chapter in my life.

What advice would you give people as to how they can give 5% more on a daily basis?
Number one I think If everyone focused on what they can do versus what they can’t do. Everybody’s 5% more is different. For one it may be getting up earlier and for the next person it may be going to bed later. Working with my dad and seeing what he has accomplished was another thing that encouraged me to do 5% more so I could accomplish my own goals and didn’t have to depend on him just giving me things. Number two, “You have to keep telling yourself  to maximize your time.” Most important “You have to remember that you must know your purpose and live in it”. Without knowing your purpose you won’t even know how to give 5% or why. I cannot emphasize how the end goal is to know your purpose. I had a friend who had an aunt who worked at Wallmart for 25 years as a greeter and she was like the best greeter there was; and I asked her how could she do that? Her response was “that was my purpose, to make people smile and make people laugh” and she was in fact living in her purpose.

Photo Credit @sterling314 Instagram

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