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BASIC Hair Care educator, Edwina Dixon, gets real with hairstylists

BASIC Hair Care Edwina Dixon Bronner Bros

Edwina Dixon and the rest of the BASIC Hair Care team took their message and their great product to the internationally known Bronner Bros. Hair Show, to help educate consumers and hairstylists about black hair care. The hair care educator, who found BASIC while looking for a solution to help maintain her daughter’s long natural hair, took a moment to share her Bronner Bros. experience.

What do you do as a BASIC Hair Care educator?

I educate stylists on the product, I let them know what the ingredients are and how they’re beneficial for their business.

At Bronner Bros. we are educating everyone; the consumers and the hair stylists on the products. It’s important for them to know that BASIC Hair Care is a company that really cares about the health of the hair. We’ve been taking back what’s been taken away from the hair and making it healthier.

Are your products available in stores?

We only sell the products in salons. We rely on the stylist to do their part in bringing awareness to their clients so the product doesn’t just sit in a warehouse. If products aren’t being used by the stylists, it forces many companies to put their product in the stores. We’re doing our best to make sure that doesn’t happen.

What was your main focus at the Bronner Bros. Hair Show?

We educated stylists and consumers on our one-step smoothing system, which allows clients to wear their natural hair straight without worrying about it quickly reverting back, but allows them to go back to their natural curl pattern. Our one-step smoothing system lasts for 3 months or 20 shampoos. The Boost Conditioning treatment system is for natural hair, transitioning hair, damaged hair, or chemically treated hair, and lasts for 2-3 shampoos.

The smoothing system and the boost conditioning treatment is an alternative to relaxers.

How can people stay up-to date with BASIC?

We’ll soon be launching a new site which will allow clients to schedule appointments, purchase goods, and get an inside look at what’s going on at BASIC. It will be customized by the stylist so when they show the client their styles, they can also show what products they use, which they can purchase if they choose to. It’s a great benefit to be a member of the BASIC family.

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