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Dwight Howard insisted Lakers cut Kobe Bryant and fire coach D’Antoni


Dwight Howard issued several intriguing requests to the L.A. Lakers during free agency. According to reports by ESPN, Howard would only resign with the Lakers if they followed his demands.

The center told Lakers VP, Jim Buss, that he would only resign if the team amnestied Kobe Bryant and fired coach Mike D’Antoni. For those unfamiliar with the NBA’s amnesty clause, it allows teams to cut one player and get rid of his salary without it taking a hit on the team’s salary cap.

Howard was never fond of Bryant and did not want to play another two years with him. Bryant often chastised Howard for his lack of work ethic and unwillingness to take the game serious. Although Howard visited Bryant after his season-ending injury, it was always apparent that the two would never see eye-to-eye on the basketball court.

Howard also had reasons to hate D’Antoni. His offense suffered under D’Antoni’s guard oriented offense. Howard eventually signed with the Houston Rockets.


  1. Sellers6under on August 25, 2013 at 1:03 pm

    Unique that resign has dual meaning sign again, and quit and give up. Considering his terms and the way he played last season, I believe Laker fans will be happy that he gave up. Doubt he will get a Championship, and doubt even more that he would LEAD a team to one.

    • Paytc on August 25, 2013 at 1:34 pm

      I do believe D12 was not a good fit for the Lakers.I’m glad he is gone.For any player to disrespect Kobe(one of the best ever) and his teammate, shows you the type of “self centered” team player he is. Kobe was not gonna let Howard settle for less than his best.Howard is not use to having a player better than he is relentlessly pushing him to get better .That, and the expectations the storied Laker franchise has, big stage, etc was too much for him.
      But I would not just write D12 off as finished or not being able to win a championship.The Rockets were a pretty good team last year and Howard may fit in there and should make them better.But his character,immaturity, and work ethics, need to improve for him to truly reach his potential in my humble opinion.

      • Sellers6under on August 25, 2013 at 7:34 pm

        Exactly Paytc, lack of maturity, poor work ethic, and character flaws. Howard fired the coach in O, but his work ethic is way worse than Shaq and everyone knows that Kobe helped Shaq’s leave LA. In which LA suffered.

        Howard wanted the limited to remove the more talented. LeBron and many others truly improved around The Dream, not sure Howard won’t pull a Bynum who thought he knew more than Kareem. Finally if Howard gets a ring, the second question is will he actual lead that team, or will he be just one of the wheels that drive over the finish line.