Funniest Twitter responses to Miley Cyrus’ small butt and twerking at 2013 MTV VMAs


The blowback from Miley Cyrus’ shocking twerk and butt-dance with Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards has been like a blizzard — intense and relentless. Cyrus shocked and horrified her many of her fans, former admirers and music contemporaries who have watched her mutate from the former adorable Disney dame into a thirsty, trampy young adult trying too hard to be a sex symbol.

At the VMAs on Sunday, Aug. 25, the wild child of embarrassed country music star Billy Ray Cyrus eventually stripped down into a nude-colored outfit and grinded suggestively to her and Thicke’s recent hits, “We Can’t Stop” and “Blurred Lines.”

The response has been overwhelming, and overwhelmingly negative. According to the New York Daily News, Twitter responses peaked at 300,000 per minute immediately after her and Thicke’s performance. By comparison, the 2012 MTV VMAs peaked at 98,000 tweets per minute. Even the 2013 Super Bowl, the Daily News noted, peaked at 230,000 tweets per minute during the unexpected blackout in the game between San Francisco and Baltimore.miley-cyrus-vma-2.jpg

Social media has unleashed a biting funny, albeit cruel, hashtag, #mileya–smallerthan, that is trending worldwide.

Check out the funniest tweets about Miley Cyrus’ small booty and twerking at the MTV VMAs.

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