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NFL Weekend: Celebrities cheer, mourn on Twitter after first week of action

football 49ersCelebrities and the rest of sports fandom weighed in on an enthralling first weekend filled with rivalry match-ups right out of the gate — and plenty of trash talking from the players and fans alike.

From the phenomenal performances from quarterback Colin Kaepernick of San Francisco and running back Reggie Bush of the Detroit Lions; the the rookies Geno Smith and EJ Manuel to the putrid output from the traditional power Pittsburgh Steelers.  Yet, the sloppy but entertaining Sunday night brawl between the Cowboys and the Giants, fans gorged themselves anew with pigskin nirvana at the commencement of the 2013 NFL season.

Take a look at what celebs had to say about their fav teams on Twitter after these two witty quips from sports nation.



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