Kris Jenner ripped on Instagram for posing in bikini

kris jenner

Kris Jenner is extremely desperate for attention and for trying to salvage the rapidly declining brand that is the Kardashian name.

That’s at least what multiple Instagram users strongly — and profanely — insinuated when the nearly 60-year-old Kardashian matriarch posed and posted a suggestive bikini shot in a swimming pool a few days ago.

Reasons for Jenner’s thirstiness abound: her much-hyped talk show is circling the commode; her daughter (or rather commodity), Kim Kardashian, breaking off from the family by getting a separate PR firm; and her other daughter, Khloe, and son-in-law are embroiled in a marital implosion brought on by his serial infidelity and drug use.

Therefore, pimp Jenner needed to find something else to sell to the public — herself. That’s why she dipped her reconstructed body parts and facial features into a swimming pool for suggestive poses. Jenner’s 1.9 million Instagram followers were less than impressed.

They were also less than impressed with Jenner’s lack of calendar knowledge as she posted under her photo, “Last day of summer. Gonna miss you.” This photo was taken last week.

The official last day of summer is, of course, this Saturday, Sept. 21.

Take a look at what some of her followers had to say.

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