‘Love & Hip Hop’ episode 2 best moments

Saigon - LHHA Introduction

Saigon and his paternity troubles

New York rapper Saigon finally make shis debut on the show and introduces his son’s mother, Erica Jean. Saigon and Erica Jean were close friends until one night when they both decided that they wanted a kid and slept together, leading to the birth of their son. However, Saigon also got his girlfriend at the time pregnant in the same month. Although Saigon claims that he and Erica Jean were just friends, Erica Jean claims that she’s always been in love with Saigon and wants him to be with her to complete their family unit. Saigon is happy to see if Erica Jean in the woman for him, but when he goes to play a friendly game of b-ball with his old friend, Peter Gunz, Peter convinces him to get a paternity test to prove that the boy is really his. When Saigon tells Erica Jean about his doubts, Erica replies appropriately. “That’s the stupidest thing— he looks just like you. Where does this a–hole get off?”

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