Long live Regina Hall! ‘Best Man’ actress melts our pages in stunning spread

RORH Final 23


The clock on the walls says 4 p.m., and the natives are beginning to get a little restless. For the past seven hours, an amazing group of artists (including hair, makeup and wardrobe stylists) have been on set tirelessly working to create stunning visuals to accompany Hall’s rolling out cover. And while the work itself is gratifying, when hunger and fatigue set in, there’s no stopping it. So as the crew took a break to eat and recharge their batteries, Hall observed the scene, and began to reflect on the idea that all of these talented people were under one roof because of her.

“In moments like this, you realize that fame is a blessing,” she shared. “But to be honest, I don’t think about it all that much. I don’t even know that I think of myself as famous. In the end, what does fame really mean?”

Her last words lingered in the air for a moment before she continued.

“It’s a hard life not to necessarily know what’s next. It’s an amazing one, but I think it forces one to have a bigger reliance on faith … you have to get closer to God and to what spirituality means to you. In the end, it’s good to work, but I think that fame is the part that you have to throw away. It’s a by-product of all of this … all of this hard work that we put in.”

As the lunch break ended, and the crew began to return to their posts, I asked what it would take for her to walk away from it all … fame, celebrity, everything. Her answer was immediate, almost as if it was an answer that she had arrived at some time ago.

“When it doesn’t mean anything anymore,” Hall shared. “If my ego became so big that it became a detriment to who I am as a human being, then I would walk away from it all.”

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