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Tamar Braxton says she hated being pregnant

Tamar Braxton & Logan - Cover

Tamar Braxton has received a lot of press for her candid comments about the difficulties in being a first-time mother, and we suspect that that negative press might continue now that she recently commented that she “hated being pregnant.”

In a new interview with Flaunt magazine, Braxton was asked about the possibility of having other children and she emphatically claimed that her son, Logan, will be an only child.

“God no,” Braxton said about having another baby. “I hated being pregnant. I felt like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

Braxton did, however, go on to say that pregnancy wasn’t all that bad and that there were some positive aspects about it. Unfortunately, there were way too many downsides for her liking.

“It’s beautiful and it’s great just like everyone says, but there’s another side to it,” said Tamar. “My back. My feet. My skin went absolutely nuts. I had the itchies the whole day. Imagine scratching all day and you can never get to the itch.”

Although Braxton was warned by her sisters that pregnancy involved many types of changes, she says that too many people are dishonest about the realities of pregnancy.

“Yes. People lie to you,” Tamar stated. “I was 100 percent open and honest on ‘Tamar and Vince’ because I was upset. I didn’t instantly connect with my baby; no one told me this was common.”

Braxton explains that she was actually envious of her husband, Vince, because he seemed to have an instant connection with their baby.

“I was jealous because Vince and the baby connected instantly,” Tamar admitted. “It’s not that I didn’t love him; it’s not that I didn’t want to connect with him. I was upset because I didn’t instantly connect with him. I didn’t cry when I first saw him. I was confused. I was like, ‘What do I do now?’”

Well, if it’s any consolation for Braxton, we appreciate her honesty about her difficulties with pregnancy and motherhood. Despite how bad her comments may sound, we’ve no doubt that other mothers can relate. Check out other celebrity moms that have had difficult parenting days. – nicholas robinson


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  1. VLF on November 18, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    Real talk…motherhood just doesn’t magically happen. I respect her comments.

  2. Ebony Readyfornextvacation Wil on November 20, 2013 at 6:55 pm

    Everyone does not cry when they have a baby! And I itched too, my back, and feet hurt too! That’s why I only have one too Tamar! LOL