Obama says he’d rather hang with ‘Duck Dynasty’ stars than Kim Kardashian and Kanye

The stars of the blockbuster reality show "Duck Dynasty."
The stars of the blockbuster reality show “Duck Dynasty.”

Can you say “awkward,” boys and girls?!?

President Obama said it would be much more fun to hang out with the “Duck Dynasty” clan than with Kim Kardashian and fiancé Kanye West. Of course, Obama gave the offhanded remarks before the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson’s racist statements about blacks and gays exploded over the airwaves last week.

Obama professed his love of “Duck Dynasty” in an exclusive interview with People magazine that came out Friday.

In answer to the question, ‘Who would you rather spend the day with: Kim and Kanye or the “Duck Dynasty” Family?’ Obama chose the “Duck Dynasty” family.

Can you imagine the embarrassment Obama must be feeling now after Robertson made controversial statements linking homosexuality to bestiality in an interview with GQ magazine?

“‘The Duck Dynasty family seems like a pretty fun bunch,” he told People. “I can see how that would be pretty fun.”

This is not the first time the president has articulated his love for the backward, redneck Louisiana clan.

According to the Christian Broadcasting Network’s White House correspondent Jennifer Wishon, the president requested the presence of “Duck Dynasty’s” Willie and Korie Robertson at his private pre-dinner reception.

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