‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson makes more homophobic comments

Phil Robertson 2

Typically, when a celebrity blasts off recklessly at the mouth with controversial comments they follow up immediately with a (pseudo) heartfelt apology campaign. But not “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson. After enduring major backlash over racist and homophobic comments that he made in GQ magazine, Robertson is back at it again and recently made more homophobic comments in his first post-controversy public appearance.

According to TMZ, on Sunday, Robertson spoke at his Bible study group and claimed that he wouldn’t take back what he said about gay people nor would he stray from his path of preaching the word.

“I will not give or back off my path,” Robertson said. “All I did was quote from the Scriptures.”

Robertson went on to explain that he has had sexual sins of his own, but he claimed, once again, that homosexuality is a sin.

“Sexual sins are numerous and many. I have a few myself,” he said, adding that his idea of a solution is, “If you’re a man, find yourself a woman, marry them and keep your sex right there.

“Common sense says we are not going to procreate the human race unless we have a man and a woman,” he added. “If you’re a homosexual, He’ll take it away.  If you’re an adulterer, if you’re a liar, what’s the difference?  If you break one sin you may as well break them all … if we lose our morality, we will lose our country.  It will happen.”

Robertson also addressed A&E’s reaction to his comments and claimed that no one should be shocked about what he’s said because people all over the country have asked him to give sermons about sin, among other things.

“This week I have been asked, ‘Is this the first time you have brought up sin? … Are you kidding?  I have been traveling to and fro spreading this message … I have made hundreds of speeches,” he said.

Clearly, Robertson is sticking to his guns on the matter, whether A&E likes it or not. And considering that he’ll return to the show in January and that other networks are allegedly trying to steal him away from A&E, it doesn’t look like Robertson will lose his public platform anytime soon.

Unfortunately, too many people are ready and willing to believe what he says about black people being happier and more godly during the pre-civil rights days and that LGBT people are nothing more than sinners.

Check out some other homophobic offenders below. –nicholas robinson



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