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‘Love & Hip Hop’ episode 8 best moments

 Tara Confronts Amina & Peter

Tara Confronts Peter and Amina

Peter is intent on lying to both Amina and Tara to keep them around, but Tara throws a monkey wrench in his plans when she shows up at the studio to confront Peter while Amina is there. Before Tara can spill all the beans, Peter jumps in and begins explaining that he’s been lying to both women. Amina jumps in and tries to tell Tara that she lost Peter a long time ago, but Tara fires back that she’s been sleeping with Peter this entire time. Peter miserably admits to sleeping with Tara and Amina immediately breaks into tears and walks out. However, she quickly comes back and asks to speak to Peter alone and Tara obliges and tells Amina that she hopes she can stop sleeping with her husband one day. Peter claims that he was honest with Amina and tries to blame Tara for the blowup, but Amina rightfully puts the blame on Peter and tells him that she’s leaving him. Later on, Peter tries to win Amina back with flowers and sweet words but when she demands that he stop communicating with Tara and let her finally meet his kids, Peter is anything but compliant and Amina is still not convinced that he’ll change.

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