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‘Love & Hip Hop’ episode 8 best moments

Erica Crying Over Rich & Cyn

Erica Confronts Rich About Their Relationship

When Rich invites Erica to the studio, he introduces her to Wyclef Jean and then plays her a new EDM record that could very well be her next hit and the two celebrate with a forbidden kiss in the studio. Later on, Erica comes to Rich’s place and tells him that she’s falling in love with him all over again and that she wishes that Rich would love her the way her actual partner, Cyn Santana, does. Rich claims that he loves her back, but says he’s scared because she’s already in a relationship and she’s a maniac. Erica claims she’s ready to go to the next level with him, but later on she cries to a friend as she admits that she’s terrified and knows Rich will never love her.


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