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Chief Keef’s tweet could land him in big trouble


Chicago rapper Chief Keef could have gotten himself into serious trouble this weekend. The 18 year old is currently at a Southern California rehabilitation center, serving a court-ordered 90 day stint there. But the star, who has become as known for his reckless behavior as he is for his music, raised attention when he recently tweeted about marijuana while in rehab.

“Dis b—h wanna smoke all of my weed!” Keef tweeted. Obviously, Chief Keef (born Keith Cozart) isn’t supposed to indulge in drug use nor is he supposed to have any drug paraphernalia while he’s in rehabilitation.

Keef was originally seeking treatment at the famed clinic Promises, but he had to be moved from the Malibu facility in early December due to concerns over disturbances from media and fans. He was ordered into rehab after failing a drug test–as ordered by his probation officer.

The rapper also indicated that his GBE imprint is gone.

“Now signing Street n—as Only Alabama. Detroit. LasVegas. BayAreaCa. and Lot more,” he tweeted. “U gotta be Turnt up Y~ #GloGang New label Nomoe GBE!”

As soon as Keef is done with rehab, he must begin community service.