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Tyrese announces new album and book, ‘Black Rose’

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 11.05.11 AMSinger Tyrese has been very visible across social media outlets over the past few weeks expressing his feelings and pain following the death of his good friend, Paul Walker. Gibson shared his innermost emotions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram before taking a much-needed vacation in Dubai surrounded by some really awesome friends, Maxwell and Will Smith.

He decided to spend his birthday and New Year’s in Dubai in hopes of finding his smile again, according to an Instagram post.

Sharing a HEART moment……… My New Years resolution is to find my smile again…. Not a random red carpet photo-op smile…. But the smile that has always came from deep down inside….. A lot of things in life can effect your smile…. Fans take pictures with me and they always say “Smile Tyrese I wanna see those pretty teeth” I frown instead and go through the motions and if I do smile in a pic it’s not a real one…… I just realized the wear and tear of life has effected my smile…….. It’s a simple but very big deal….. In 2014 Im gonna find my sincere smile again…. Can anyone relate to this..??

If you follow Tyrese, you know that he has definitely found his smile again and much more as he announced he will be back in the studio to record and release his “last solo album” and a book both titled, Black Rose, toward the end of 2014.

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Source: Instagram