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Stripper faces 40 years in prison after woman dies from butt implants


Butt enhancements are becoming a popular way for women to achieve a more shapely figure, but the surgery can lead to sickness and death.

According to reports by Daily Mail, Natasha Stewart, a former stripper, was convicted of negligent manslaughter for referring a woman to a phony transgender nurse who performed lethal butt enhancements.

In 2010, Stewart met Karima Gordon through a mutual friend. Gordon had desires of getting a butt enhancement. In 2012, Stewart charged Gordon $200 for referring her to the phony nurse, Tracy Garner.

In March of 2012, Gordon and another women drove to Jackson, Miss. to meet with Garner to get the butt enhancements; however, Gordon became sick after receiving the butt injections, which were filled with silicone.

The phony nurse told Gordon to take cough syrup to get over the illness. Gordon remained sick and was forced to go to the emergency room once she returned to Atlanta. Doctors discovered that the silicone leaked and entered her lungs. Gordon died one week later of silicone embolism in her lungs.

Garner, the phony nurse, was also responsible for the death of another woman who received butt implants. Garner faces life in prison and will go to trial in March.

Stewart faces 40 years in prison for manslaughter.

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