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Peter Gunz says he’s disgusted by his cheating

Peter Gunz - Angry Cover

Few other men on “Love & Hip Hop” have so deservedly earned the title of “creep” than womanizer Peter Gunz, who married his protégée, Amina Buddafly, while he was still in a relationship with Tara Wallace. Although Peter apologized to the two women and previously admitted that he blatantly aired his dirty laundry on air for a check, he now claims that he’s disgusted by his actions on the popular reality TV show.

“I’m disgusted by my behavior on the show,” Peter said in a recent interview with VladTV “Sometimes you think the life you’re living is normal, and it’s not until you look at yourself in the mirror sometimes and say, ‘Damn, that’s f—-d up.’”

Peter explained that he’s not criticizing the show or his fellow cast mates, he’s just talking about the man in the mirror.

“It was a wake-up call for me. I’m not disgusted with the show, I’m disgusted with myself. I gotta do better is what I’m thinking,” Peter said.

And just what exactly brought about this epiphany for Peter. Well, he explains that it was the critically acclaimed film 12 Years a Slave that helped him to see the light.

“I didn’t watch the show one day because I was so disgusted with myself on the show that I went to the movies to see 12 Years a Slave to get away from the show,” Peter recalled, adding that the movie put the unflattering aspect of “Love & Hip Hop” in an even more stark contrast. “I was even more disgusted when I came from the movie because I’m thinking, ‘Damn, slaves went through all of that to get me as a black man to a better place and this is what I’m doing on TV to two black queens.

“I came out of the movies more depressed than if I would have watched ‘Love & Hip Hop’ ” he added.

Well, he’s not the only certified creep in reality TV. Check out some other major celebrity cheaters below. –nicholas robinson


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